Ho w to clean your air ducts yourself

There are a variety of reasons to ensure your air duct is properly clean. When air ducts are clean, the system for heating has more durability because the amount of dirt weakening its parts is reduced. If your air duct is clean, the air we breathe in the home is cleaner, and we carry out the dusting of the home less frequently.

For individuals who suffer from allergies, cleaning your air ducts is great as this would reduce your allergic complications. But calling on a professional to assist you in cleaning your air ducts can be expensive. But the good thing is that you can learn to do it yourself. Below is how to go about cleaning your air ducts yourself and saving some cash in the process.

Take off the register and clean the duct
Registers on the floor can be removed with ease, all you need to do is lift them up. For wall lifters, they have to be unscrewed with a cordless drill. After taking off the register, wash the vent using hot soapy water and rinse then leave them to dry.

Immediately you are done with the register, fix the dryer vent brush to the extreme of the cordless drill. Ensure it fits properly to the drill before it is fed to the duct to as not to get the brush falling into your duct system.

Use the drill in clearing dust in the duct with the brush, use this method to clean up all the dust but do so carefully, so dust won’t be spilled all around. Immediately you take off the dryer vent brush from the duct, place the hose of the vacuum cleaner with the dust brush attachment down into the duct and clear up any dust you have gathered with the brush. After this, you can use the vacuum on the dryer vent brush before you head to the next duct.

Clean the internal part of the duct and its surrounding environment
Reach into the duct as far as it could go with the aid of a damp cloth made of microfiber and clean the insides of the duct. The cloth should be rinsed continuously in the event you gather up a lot of dust. Wipe the surrounding of the duct as well, and this includes the wall and floor. Put the clean register in its former position and you are done.

Clean air ducts bring about a lot of significant health benefits. Also not that if you live with pets that shed a lot of hair, vent register filters may be best for you. In the event, there are more complex issues with your air ducts which require more than cleaning, endeavor to call on a professional to handle it on your behalf.