How to repair your entry door yourself

Entry doors have to endure a lot of outdoor elements which include wind, rain, varying temperatures as well as wear and tear from daily usage. They are more powerful than interior doors with materials that are resistant to impact and are designed to overcome these elements.

Eventually, a door gets damaged or dented and may need repair or replacement. The following are some of the common repairs you may have to carry out on your entry door.

Fixing a Sticking Entry Door
You might be required to make adjustments to the size of the door if it is sticking to enable it to fit into the entryway. It may be a very easy process of ensuring the hinges are clean and eradicating any debris that may have gathered along the edges of the door. After this has been done, you can make an effort to see if adjustment of the hinges would help in sorting out the issue. If the door keeps on sticking after you tighten the hinges, you can make efforts to sand the door edges. The guys at roof replacement Edmonton help me out personally when I tried all this and my door kept sticking and it was the sanding that ended up working.

Repairing Dents
You can carry out repairs of dents in the entry door. If you utilize a steel door, you might be able to carry out repairs by utilizing an auto filler. The auto filler will be placed in layers until the door becomes smooth. This would need a little sanding. You can prime the section and repaint it after you have attained a smooth surface.

Creaky hinges
If your door squeaks or creaks whenever you open and close it, you may need some lubricant to lubricate your hinges. Take off the pin and scrub it lightly. Also, do this with the barrel and hinge. When this is done, you coat it with a little layer of light penetrating oil or silicone spray.

Eradicating Air Leaks
During the months of winter, you might observe a cold draft around your entry doors. If this occurs, your door may require sealing. Inspect the caulk around the entry door and change it if there is any gap or damage.

Another alternative for the eradication of air leaks is weather stripping which is done using a weatherboard. The weatherboard may be utilized in sealing the bottom of the door. The weatherboard angle helps in pushing rain away from the bottom of the door.

The above are some of the ways to carry out repairs on your entry doors and save yourself some cash in the process. If you observe more serious issues, it’s best you call on a professional to aid you in carrying out repairs.