Thanks for stopping by Streaming Audio. If you’re new to this site you’re probably wondering how the name of our site and information we discuss are related. Fair question.

You see, when we decided to start this site we knew we wanted to provide valuable information on DIY topics. When we thought about all the DIY projects we’ve undertaken, there has always been one constant – they were done while listening to our favorite music.

As the internet evolved, we were able to start streaming our favorites while working which was a game changer as we no longer had to stop what we were doing to change to a song we loved…

It may sound cheesy, but the reality is we wanted to create a site that blended our 2 passions together – DIY projects and our love for music. Hence, Streaming Audio was born.

We hope you enjoy our site and if you want to reach out, we’d love to year from you. ¬†You can contact us by visiting our contact page.