How to replace your home windows

The windows are important parts of the home, and they help in keeping the home warm and protecting it from external elements. They are also useful during hot periods, and you require a little air in your home.

Over time, the window may get damaged or shattered and would require replacement. Instead of calling on a professional to assist you, a window replacement is not that difficult, and you can carry out with the right knowledge and tools.

Below are the steps to follow so as to replace your window with ease yourself.

Take off Old Window
If you require another window entirely, you may utilize a stock replacement window. A little adjustment may be made to the frame, so they fit, but you won’t spend as much as you would if you purchase a custom window.

You can take off the window casing alongside its sill plate and trim with the aid of a crowbar.

Make adjustments to the Window Frame
After taking off the window casing ensure the studs and headers are square, and plum and the frame fits the new dimension of the window, this may need adding extra boards to the flame as well as changing a section of the exterior siding. You can live a little gap on all the sides if you need additional insulation and adjustment.

Fix a New Window
If a part of the exterior siding had to be taken off, ensure you utilize felt wrap backup in keeping away moisture. Then place window wrap to the external window frame. Begin with the installation of the window wrap underneath the window and continue upwards.

The window installation from the exterior can be carried out by pushing the window up until it fits with the frame. The window should be screwed into position. Ensure you support it utilizing a durable piece of wood. The window should be adjusted until it is square through the addition of shims and adjusting the screws.

Wrap The Window
Immediately your window is square and nailed into position. You may add an additional layer of window wrap on the window fins. Ensure the wrap is overlapped, and all the surfaces are covered totally. Do not allow the wrap fold back on itself or pucker. It is a crucial aspect of ensuring moisture is kept out so it must stay upright and fit with the window frame.

Insulate the Window
The windows should be insulated by placing a foam sealant which is expanding in between the window and the casing. The edges of the window should be covered with a painter’s tape to offer protection from the surface. Immediately the foam is dry it can be removed with a scraper or knife. Ensure you don’t add excess foam, or it will stop the window from functioning.

Replace Trim and Casing
Immediately the foam dries off, remove the surplus and fix your new interior casing. The exterior trim can be replaced if required.

The steps above would assist you in replacing your windows with ease and save you some case alongside.